Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

Serving all of Southern California

Professional Solar Cleaning Services for Businesses & Utility Solar

Our commercial solar panel cleaning services encompasses a range of large-scale solar panel systems including solar farms, solar plants, solar carports as well as commercial & industrial buildings with rooftop solar panel systems.

The energy loss from seen dirty panels is significantly more apparent at the commercial & industrial scale. In turn, the benefits gained from regular cleanings makes our services one of the most cost effective solutions for consistently getting the most out of your solar energy investments. We typically service our corporate accounts once every 3 months.

Commercial rooftop solar panel setup
(Post-clean results)
Solar Carport Cleaning Results
Utility Solar Farm Cleaning

Frequently Asked Commercial Solar Cleaning Questions:

  • How many panels are you capable of cleaning? We can clean about 6500 panels in a weekend.
  • How often do I need to clean my solar panels? It is recommended to clean panels every 3 months for commercial solar energy infrastructure.
  • What happens if I don’t get my panels cleaned? Your panels will be operate with significantly less efficiency, break faster & in some cases could even catch on fire.