Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

We keep California's Solar Infrastructure Clean

Serving Southern California’s Solar Energy Industry

With Outstanding Cleaning

SoCal Solar Panel Cleaning Company provides professional commercial solar panel cleaning services across a variety of large-scale solar systems in Southern California including:

  • Solar Power Plants
  • Agricultural Solar
  • Solar Carports
  • Industrial Solar Systems
  • Utility-Scale Solar

Dirty solar panels result in diminished solar absorption and causes inefficient energy output which reduces your return on investment (ROI) seen within your commercial solar system. Our regular cleanings can maintain peak efficient year-round, especially among solar panel facilities prone to soiling.

Commercial rooftop solar panel setup
(Post-clean results)
Solar Carport Cleaning Results
solar panel cleaning on a commercial solar installation in the southern california desert

Is Rain Enough To Clean Large Scale Solar Systems?

Rain is an insufficient substitute for commercial solar panel cleaning & maintenance. The primary reason is due to dust & other air particles remaining on the panels once the water droplets have evaporated, causing reduced solar absorption.

To return your panels to the full potential of it’s solar energy output then you want to get your cleaning serviced by trained professionals who utilize the best equipment within the solar panel cleaning industry.

SoCal Solar Panel Cleaning Company cleaning a commercial installation with a solar brush

Solar Power Plant Cleaning

We provide one-time or routine cleanings for solar power plants, also known as photovoltaic power stations, which are not to be confuse with thermal solar plants (whom we also service).

Why Do Solar Power Plants Need Routine Cleanings?

Routine solar panel cleanings are crucial for maintaining year-round, optimal performance of photovoltaic power stations. Solar power plants supply power to the wholescale electricity market at the utility scale, so any factors that reduce power output do so at the dollar cost of millions in lost electricity production.

Solar power plants are often located in dry & dusty areas such as the Mojave Desert & other areas within the Southern California deserts. These areas cause solar panels to become particularly covered with dirt in a process called soiling, which blocks sunlight coverage & sunlight absorption.

Solar Power maintenance teams are aware of this fact and even install sensors and other performance monitoring systems that constantly monitor their PVs efficiency with a variety of technical solutions.

Once soiling has reduced performance to a predetermined threshold these systems are automatically triggered to alert the solar power plant’s maintenance team for a needed cleaning. That’s when they call professional commercial solar panel cleaners like us to get the job done right.

We Use The Best Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment

commercial solar panel cleaning robot in action

For some of our commercial solar panel cleaning jobs we use the latest & best equipment in the solar panel maintenance industry. In this picture you’ll see the F1, which is a semi-autonomous solar panel cleaning robot that is fully capable of cleaning with or without water. We are currently the only distributors in California for these types of solar panel cleaning robots.

The robots can be dismantle into 4 easy to carry parts for transportation & reassembled in less than 3 minutes. All purchases come with a 1 year warranty with dedicated customer support services.

Solar Carport Cleaning in Southern California

Solar Carport Cleaning

At SoCal Solar Panel Cleaning, we know how to clean solar panel carports and have done so for 100+ locations across Southern California. We’ve serviced commercial solar carports for companies companies such as Walmart & residential solar carports for apartment complexes.

solar panel cleaning brush cleaning a utility scale solar panel system
Utility Solar Farm Cleaning

Frequently Asked Commercial Solar Cleaning Questions:

  • How many panels are you capable of cleaning? We can clean about 6500 panels in a weekend.
  • How often do I need to clean my solar panels? It is recommended to clean panels every 3 months for commercial solar energy infrastructure.
  • What happens if I don’t get my panels cleaned? Your panels will be operate with significantly less efficiency, break faster & in some cases could even catch on fire.