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SoCal Solar Panel Cleaning Company primary focuses on cleaning Commercial & residential solar panel systems but we offer a few other complimentary services. Take a look at our full service offering below!

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

Our team has the capacity, training, & equipment to clean thousands of panels per day. Making us well suited to clean large scale solar systems.

Residential Solar Panel Cleaning

No job is too small for us. We’ll get on your rooftop & provide professional cleaning services with state-of-the-art equipment.

Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Birds cans be one of the most damaging enemies to solar panels. We provide a solution to prevent them from getting near your panels. Don’t let some pigeons ruin your expensive investment.

Solar Cleaning Robot

On large scale cleaning operations we are capable of deploying automated solar panel cleaning robots. We are also one of the only distributors in the United States for this new technology.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Want your windows cleaned while we’re at your site? Just ask! We provide commercial window cleaning at a fair price.

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