SoCal Solar Panel Cleaning Company

Our business specializes in solar panel cleaning maintenance services for commercial & residential solar installations. Our services significantly reduce our client’s electricity bill by ensuring that their panels are operating at peak performance. We want you to see the most returns out of your environmentally conscious investment in solar panels & prevent their energy output from being diminished by a layer of dirt.

We mainly serve the Southern California region but are willing to travel all throughout California to service large scale solar panel systems such as solar farms & utility solar infrastructure. There isn’t a job too big for us to handle, we have the bandwidth to clean thousands of solar panels per day & even have a fleet of our high tech automated solar cleaning robots which we are also a distributor of.

We don’t just clean solar panels, we also offer provide solar panel bird proofing, commercial window cleaning & solar panel cleaning education.

What we do

Here’s the process we’ll execute before, during, & after cleaning your solar panels.

Free Quote

We provide complimentary estimates, no surprises. Give us a call during our service hours or leave an email & we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Fast Service

When you decide to do business with California’s best solar panel cleaning company, you won’t waste any time. We arrive fast & on time, every time.

Pre-Clean Efficiency Check

In order to show proof in the value of our services we check & document the inefficiency of your dirty solar panels.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Your panels will be cleaning by trained professionals using the best equipment & techniques currently seen within the solar cleaning industry.

Post-Clean Efficiency Check

After your Panels are spotless we’ll do another efficiency check & show you just how much more energy production you are now gaining from our expert cleaning service.

Other Services (Optional)

If requested we can also provide you with services such as solar panel bird proofing, window cleaning, & gutter removal.

We also sell automated solar panel cleaning robots to other panel cleaners & utility solar companies.

Why choose us

Proven excellence

We have a track record of providing incredible results for out clients. We have commercial contracts with large businesses such as Target & over 80+ 5-star reviews on Google. You can even check us out on YouTube, we are fully transparent in how we do business.

Licensed & Certified
13+ Years of experience
Affordable Service
Great Support & Customer Service