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We Keep Southern California's Solar Panels CLEAN.

We SPecialize in Cleaning Solar Panels!

Clean solar panels produce more energy than dirty panels, so why settle for less than the best?

SoCal Solar Panel Cleaning Company LLC offers top-of-the-line solar panel cleaning services that keep your home or businesses solar energy systems running at peak efficiency. We also provide solar bird proofing & window washing services that compliment our solar panel cleaning service.

We specialize in cleaning solar panels on Residential, C&I, & Utility scale solar installations across southern California. Solar panels are an investment that has to be maintained, which is why our bonded and insured team only uses the best equipment and techniques for keeping them clean.

Dirty solar panels don’t produce as much energy as clean panels. Neglecting solar panel cleaning can result in an energy loss of up to 30%!

Getting your panels cleaned with us can guarantee:

Maximum Absorption
Improved Efficiency
Less Maintenance
solar panel washing before and after

Southern California Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

We provide professional cleaning for large-scale solar systems such as solar farms, solar carports, solar plants & commercial rooftops.

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Residential Solar Panel Cleaning

We provide fast & affordable residential rooftop solar panel cleaning. Learn more about why you should have your panels cleaned.

Automated Solar Panel Cleaning Services & Products

We are one of the only providers & distributors in Southern California for autonomous solar panel cleaning robots!

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Counties We Provide Solar Panel Cleaning Services In

Why we’re california’s leading solar panel cleaners

Efficient Solar Cleaning

SoCal Solar Panel Cleaning has cleaned over 600,000 solar panels since we’ve been in business & we have the capacity to clean thousands of panels per day.

Our usage of Robotic Solar Panel Cleaning Solutions gives us the bandwidth to clean thousands of panels per day with only a fraction of the manpower required to do so manually. We also sell this cutting edge equipment to Commercial & Industrial Solar Installations that require frequent, large scale cleanings that would otherwise be significantly more expensive to perform manually.

The F1, a commercial semi-automated solar panel cleaning robot
Very clean solar panels with bird proof netting in california

Professional Servicing

Our professional panel cleaning services don’t just stop after we’ve left their surfaces spotless. They stop when we know they’re on the best condition you’ve seen them in since your investment, which is why we also offer panel bird proofing services to keep any & all pests from tampering with the energy system your household depends on.

Industry Expertise

Henry Sanchez, owner & founder of SoCal Solar Panel Cleaning Company, hosts a YouTube channel where he has taught dozens of other great minds aspiring to break into the industry about how to do so & where to get started. He has well over a hundred informative videos that go into depth about everything you need to know about the solar panel cleaning industry.

Henry Sanchez Conducting a solar panel efficiency check on a residential rooftop


22:36 31 Aug 22
They were able to squeeze me in short notice for a two story solar panel cleaning. My panels had gotten dirty and in the last two months, I lost 1/3 of production. Within 30 min my panels looked brand new again. I highly recommend!!
Moe DuranMoe Duran
01:37 10 Jul 21
We have had our solar system for just over 5 years and never had them cleaned. We decided to have SoCal come out to clean them and they did a remarkable job. Henry was very polite and had his team come out and clean our panels. They showed up on time and did a great job. I highly recommend them!
Edward RiveraEdward Rivera
07:34 16 Apr 21
Henry and the team were very professional. We had our solar panels cleaned and gates installed to prevent pigeons from nesting under our panels. Our neighbor housed some pigeons so we went ahead and got our panels bird-proofed. His pigeons have to go somewhere, but not letting them live with us rent free. Sorry neighbors, they’re your problem now.
Henry and Team did such an excepcional work, that the last time I saw my solar panels shine that bright was when they were first installed. Thank you very much for the job well done. I highly recommend them. Fast and reliable. I included some before and after pictures.
Richard BaileyRichard Bailey
18:02 18 Dec 20
Henry and Rick are truly Solar Cleaning Professionals. They have the latest, state-of-art, cleaning equipment, inside their work van. Please take a look ay my before and after photos...Rich in La Verne, CA


Do Solar Panels Need to be cleaned in California?

Yes, dirty solar panels are less efficient than clean ones. It is recommended to have your solar panels professionally cleaned at least twice per year.