Solar Panel Cleaning Services


Noticing diminishing energy output from your solar panels? Our cleaning services provide the solution you've been looking for. Let's return your systems back to the optimal performance that you once saw.


Clean solar panels produce more energy than dirty panels, so why settle for less than the best?

SoCal Solar Panel Cleaning Company offers top-of-the-line solar panel cleaning services that keep your home or business at peak efficiency. We also do window washing, gutter cleaning, and bird proofing to complement our solar service.

SoCal Solar Panel Cleaning Company specializes in professionally cleaning your residential or commercial solar panels so that they stay healthy and work efficiently. Solar panels are an investment that has to be maintained, which is why our bonded and insured team only uses the best equipment and techniques for keeping them clean.

Dirty solar panels don’t produce as much energy as clean panels. Neglecting solar panel cleaning can result in an energy loss of up to 30%!

Getting your panels cleaned with us can guarantee:

Maximum Absorption
Improved Efficiency
Less Maintenance
solar panel washing before and after

Southern California Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

Professional cleaning for large scale solar systems such as solar farms, solar plants & commercial rooftops. Serving all of California.

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Residential Solar Panel Cleaning

Fast & affordable residential rooftop panel cleaning servicing the Greater Los Angeles area.

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Automated Solar Panel Cleaning Services & Products

We are one of the only providers & distributors in the United States for autonomous solar panel cleaning robots!

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Why we’re california’s leading solar panel cleaners

Proven excellence

Socal Solar Panel Cleaning has cleaned over 600,000 solar panels since we’ve been in business & we have the capacity to clean thousands of panels per day.

Providing value is key to keeping customers so we show you just how much more energy your panels produce after our rejuvenating cleaning services!

Some of our core values include:

Always on time
Great support


We have had our solar system for just over 5 years and never had them cleaned. We decided to have SoCal come out to clean them and they did a remarkable job. Henry was very polite and had his team come out and clean our panels. They showed up on time and did a great job. I highly recommend them!

Moe Duran


I reached out to Henry to help with a bird problem we had with our new solar panels. Henry was responsive and professional. He did an amazing job and it was not an easy one since our house was 3 stories. He was willing to work with us when not many others were because of our 3 story home. If you are looking someone to clean and bird proof your solar panels, this is the place to go. Thank you Henry for all that you did for us.

Kevin Chan


Henry & Rick were very efficient and professional during the whole process. They did an excellent job with cleaning, removing birds/nest from under our solar panels and setting up the bird proof barriers. Our family will be returning for future solar cleanings .